Student Journalists who either write for the university paper or who have an established culture/entertainment/film blog on their own are encouraged to apply for press accreditation.

Please apply at , please make sure to include a link to your blog or samples of your work.

Press accreditation is an invitation to the whole festival. You will need to RSVP for all screenings you want to attend.

You will also be able to attend Video sessions with French filmmakers and talent every day at 11 am as well as Cocktails at the festival.

We want the students to commit to at least three to five morning video sessions.  The schedule of the press screenings is 4/18-20 at 10am, Noon and  2pm on all three days and on April 24 & May 1st at 9:30, April 25-28 at 9:00 am.

For films that already have U.S. Distribution, we ask that reviews be held until the commercial opening.  We encourage blogging about the program, events and free screenings!

Titles and dates and times to be announced before Mid-April 2017.

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