DOG (Chien)

Tuesday, April 24 – 10:15 pm – Truffaut Theatre

Special Presentation| France / Belgium | 2018 | Dark Comedy / Drama | 87 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Samuel Benchetrit
Written by: Samuel Benchetrit, Gabor Rassov

Based on the novel by: Samuel Benchetrit
Cinematography: Guillaume Deffontaines
Film Editing: Thomas Fernandez, Hervé Schneid
Produced by: Julien Madon (Single Man Productions), Marie Savare De Laitre (Maje Productions)
Cast: Vincent Macaigne (Jacques Blanchot), Bouli Lanners (Max), Vanessa Paradis (Hélène)
International Sales: Films Boutique

Jacques Blanchot loses everything — his wife, his son, his home, his job. Rejected on all fronts, he basically goes to the dogs! In fact, he becomes one. Or, at least, metamorphoses into definite canine behavior, under the tutelage of a fanatical dog trainer. Stunningly photographed in scope, brilliantly performed by Vincent Macaigne, and adapted from the director’s own novel, Samuel Benchétrit’s spare tragicomic film touches on fascism, authority, power, submission, acceptance, the essence of life and, finally, freedom. A sublime, intelligent look at both humanity and contemporary society.

Samuel Benchetrit | Accomplished author/playwright/director/screenwriter/actor, Samuel Benchétrit dropped out of school at 15 and was making short films by his early 20s. He published his first novel, Récit d’un Branleur, in 2000, and wrote and directed his first play, Comédie sur un quai de gare, in 2001. Two years later, he directed his first feature, Janis et John (2003), followed by I Always Wanted to Be a Gangster (2008), which won a Best Screenplay Award at Sundance. His subsequent films include Chez Gino (2011); Un voyage (2014); and Asphalte (2015), based on his semi-autobiographical collection of short stories, Chroniques de l’asphalte (2005), which was nominated for a César Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. His novel Chien — the source material for Dog — was published in 2015.


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