Un moment d’égarement


West Coast Premiere • Comedy/Drama • France, 2015

DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1 • Color • 105 min

Directed by: Jean-François Richet

Written by: Lisa Azuelos, Jean-François Richet, Claude Berri (original Screenplay)

Cinematography: Robert Gantz, Pascal Marti

Film Editing: Hervé Schneid

Original Score: Philippe Rombi

Produced by: Thomas Langmann (La Petite Reine)

Cast: Vincent Cassel (Laurent), François Cluzet (Antoine), Alice Isaaz (Marie), Lola Le Lann (Louna) 

International Sales: Kinology • 


Two of France’s biggest stars, Vincent Cassel (Mesrine, COLCOA 2009), and François Cluzet (The Intouchables, COLCOA 2012) come together for the first time in this update of the 1977 Claude Berri film about doting dads and naughty daughters. Forty-something divorcee Laurent joins his old friend Antoine for a summer holiday at Antoine’s aging family manor in Corsica. Reluctantly tagging along, are Laurent’s and Antoine’s beautiful “almost-18” year-old daughters, Marie and Louna. The girls have nothing but boys on their mind, and while Laurent puts on a good show of accepting his daughter’s budding adulthood, Antoine shifts into overprotective father mode. When Antoine’s daughter makes a Lolita-like play for the attentions of Laurent, she starts a chain reaction that turns the fun in the sun into a minor meltdown.

The plot of One Wild Moment may sound familiar to Americans who saw the 1984 American remake, Blame It On Rio, starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore. For this second retelling, producer Thomas Langmann, Claude Berri’s son, invited writer/director Jean-François Richet to take a comic detour from hardboiled action pictures like Assault on Precinct 13 (2005), and his Mesrine diptych. To help him make the transition, Langmann brought in co-writer Lisa Azuelos, who penned the hit coming-of-age comedy LOL in 2008. Richet’s working class roots and his love for Russian political masters Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov were inspirations for his politically incendiary first features Inner City (1995), and Ma 6-T va crack-er (1997). Richet will unveil his latest action thriller, Blood Father, starring Mel Gibson, later this year.



One Wild Moment is surprisingly modern, refined and moving.”

– Geoffrey Crété, CineMan

 “Cassel and Cluzet, both consummate actors, have solid and very believable chemistry.”

– Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter