The Happy Hour Talk series continues during the weekend with a focus on a French producer who will share their experience and talk about the very unique system of Production of films in France.


After Anne-Dominique Toussaint in 2013, Bruno Levy in 2014, Maxime Delauney and Romain Rousseau in 2015, COLCOA will honor a prolific producer and a former famous French agent from Artmedia, Dominique Besnehard (Mon Voisin Productions), with three films competing for the COLCOA Awards in three categories (Cinema, Television, Shorts), and a Happy Hour Talk panel:



Saturday, April 23

Truffaut Theater – 4:00 pm

I AM A SOLDIER (Je suis un soldat) 

West Coast Premiere


Saturday, April 23

TRUFFAUT Theater – 4:00 pm


Short film presented before I AM A SOLDIER


Saturday, April 23

TRUFFAUT Theater - 6:10 pm


A 50-minute conversation with Dominique Besnehard (Free admission – no RSVP)


Sunday, April 24

TRUFFAUT Theater – 4:15 pm


Presentation of ON THE ROAD


Monday, April 25

Truffaut Theater - 8:30 pm

CALL MY AGENT – Season 1 (10%) Episodes 1&2 

Closing Competition COLCOA Television – Followed by a Q/a with Dominique Besnehard.


About Dominique Besnehard :


Born in 1954, Dominique Besnehard started his career as an actor and as the assistant, then the casting director of writer/director Jacques Doillon. In 1986, he joined Artmedia, the largest French artistic agency, and became one of the most famous French artistic agent, representing talent like Isabelle Adjani, Sophie Marceau, Beatrice Dalle, Jeanne Moreau, Nathalie Baye, Sylvie Vartan, Emmanuelle Beart, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cecile de France, Anouk Aimee, Jacqueline Bisset, Anna Karina, Niels Arestrup, Charles Aznavour, Rupert Everett, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Francois Ozon, Claire Denis, Pierre Salvadori or Andrzej Zulawski,… In 2006, he co-founded with Michel Feller his production company Mon Voisin Productions developing and producing feature films, TV movies and Series as well as Short Films, with the idea to still keep an eye on new talent. In 2008, he created the Angouleme Film Festival, now the largest event dedicated to French films in France.


About Mon Voisin Productions :


Mon Voisin Productions has been founded in 2006 by Dominique Besnehard and Michel Feller. The two partners have a joint goal: audience-oriented movies, with both creative screenplays and strong narrative ambition. They share a profound taste for sharply written screenplays as well as values and aspirations structuring their line up and production policy.

Mon Voisin Productions has produced movies about relationships always developed in social contexts : movies dedicated to cinema like The night clerk directed by Raphael Jacoulot and Maddened by his absence directed by Sandrine Bonnaire, Queen to play directed by Caroline Bottaro (COLCOA 2009)  and fictions for television like Atmosphere of love directed by Caroline Huppert and Lov’in blood directed by Vincent Monnet.

Mon Voisin Productions aims to develop popular movies like  Big is beautiful directed by Charlotte de Turkheim,  A Day at the Museum, directed by Jean-Michel Ribes (COLCOA 2009)  and also movies with international scope like Two mothers, directed by Anne Fontaine.

A department dedicated to short movies has been set up since 2011 with the goal to discover young talented artists.

In 2015, Mon Voisin Production developed and co-produced the very popular TV Series : Call My Agent (COLCOA 2016), based on Dominique Besnehard previous experiences as an agent.