Introduced in 2005, the COLCOA AWARDS is an annual competition of new French films selected for the festival.  As 74% of our audience is affiliated with the U.S. Film Industry, the COLCOA AWARDS are a unique opportunity for Hollywood professionals to express their taste for contemporary French cinema and, since 2015, French TV programs, and to celebrate it. Voters include American critics, film industry professionals, and general audience.

All films selected at the festival compete for the COLCOA AWARDS except films presented in the COLCOA Classics Series. 


In 2016, the competition was comprised of 34 features and documentaries (COLCOA CINEMA Competition), 9 TV Movies and Series (COLCOA TELEVISION Competition) as well as 21 short films. Twenty seven prizes were awarded:  Forteen from the audience in all categories (Audience Award, Audience Special Prize, Audience Special Mention, Best Documentary, Coming Soon Award, Best TV Movie, Best Series, Audience Short Award, Audience Short Special Prize, Audience Short Special Mention); Four from a jury of film critics for the CINEMA Competition (Critics Award, Critics Special Prize, Critics Special Mention, First Feature Award); Four from the COLCOA Television Jury and three from the Short Film Jury (Short Film Award, Short Film Special Prize, Short Film Special Mention).


COLCOA AWARDS winners are officially announced during the last day of the festival. Several awarded films may be part of the rerun program this day. 

Recently awarded films include The Innocents, Come What May, Made in France, Le Bureau Season 2, Call My Agent (2016),  Blind Date, The Last Hammer Blow, One in a Lifetime, Danbe Head Up, Spiral Season 5, Grounded (2015), Vandal, Turning Tide, Chinese Puzzle, Me, Myself and Mom, Flore (2014) The Attack, Haute Cuisine, A Few Hours of Spring, The Intouchables,.. .


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