Les Pieds dans le tapis

International Premiere • TV movie • Dramatic comedy • France, 2016

Blu-ray • Color • 90 min

Directed by: Nader Takmil Homayoun

Written by: Philippe Blasband, Nader Takmil Homayoun

Produced by: Nicolas Blanc (Agat Films & Cie)

Cast: Golab Adineh, Michel Vuillermoz, Aurélia Petit, Babak Hamidian 

International Sales: Arte Sales

Original Broadcast: Arte, 2016


Franco-Iranian writer/director Nader Takmil Homayoun received the Venice Film Festival’s International Critics' Week Award for Tehran, his 2009 debut feature delving into human trafficking in the seedy streets of the Iranian capital. Now he turns to lighter fare, collaborating with Philippe Blasband, with this comedic take on a conservative Iranian family giddy with culture shock in the postcard-perfect village of Brive-la-Gaillarde. For five generations, the Farshtchi family has been selling carpets in the Tehran Bazaar. The patriarch of the family is thought to be in Korea for spa treatments and mud baths. But when notice of his sudden heart attack and death arrives, it’s coming from the other side of the world. The family is mystified. What was he doing in France? Did he have a mistress? His widow and son travel to repatriate the body, not knowing that their search for answers will take them on an adventure, and reveal a surprising hidden life.