North American Premiere • Mini-series • Drama • France, 2014

Blu-ray • Color • 8 X 52 min • Episodes 1&2

Directed by: Charlotte Brändström

Written by: Marie Deshaires and Catherine Touzet

Produced by: Iris Bucher (QUAD Television)

Cast: Pierre-François Martin-Laval  (Julien Morel, father), Alix Poisson  (Florence Morel, mother), François-Xavier Demaison (Commander Bertrand Molina)

International Sales: Zodiac Rights

Original Broadcast Date: France 2, from April 22, 2015


Beautiful 17 year-old Leah has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The detective brought in to investigate is an outsider in Lyon, having left Paris under a cloud. He knows that answers will most likely be found in Leah’s inner circle, but the deeper he probes, the wider his investigation becomes. The puzzle pieces slowly form a picture of familial dysfunction, and Leah herself emerges as the darkest mystery of all. Freely adapted from the 2007 Spanish series Desaparecida, and in the footsteps of The Killing and Broadchurch, this atmospheric look at a family turned inside out, first by loss, then by suspicion, deftly balances suspense and intimate drama.