BEAUTIFUL LOSER / Irresponsable

U.S. Premiere • TV Series • Comedy • France, 2017

Blu-ray • Color • Season 1 • 10 x 26 min • Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Creator & Showrunner: Frédéric Rosset

Directed by: Stephen Cafiero

Produced by: Antoine Szymalka (Tetra Media Fiction – La Pépinière)

Cast: Sébastien Chassagne (Julien), Marie Kauffmann (Marie), Théo Fernandez
(Jacques), Nathalie Cerda (Sylvie)

International Sales: 100% Distribution

Original Broadcast: OCS, June 2016


Premium cable broadcaster OCS hopes to change France’s troubled 26-minute sitcom format with Beautiful Loser, the first green-lit series to come out of the new television writing department at La Fémis. The story centers on Julien, a wisecracking professional slacker who, at 31, moves back in with his mother. The only time Julien shows any gumption at all is when he’s running from responsibility, so when his high school sweetheart Marie informs him that he is the father of her 14 year-old son Jacques, his first inclination is to split. But Julien, himself a perpetual teenager, soon finds that he has plenty in common with his offspring, from a love for videogames to a preoccupation with internet porn. The same can’t be said about Marie, who in Julien’s absence has become his opposite: serious, responsible, and deeply repressed. Written by showrunner Frédéric Rosset and his sister Camille Rosset.