19 new French short films will compete for the 2017 COLCOA Awards. One will be presented out of competition. This new exclusive selection of French shorts underlines the creativity of French production and putting new talent in the spotlight.


Each short film will be shown before a feature film presentation during the COLCOA week (April 24- May 2). The competition of shorts will take place at the Directors Guild of America on Sunday, April 30, with a screening of all films selected. (Free admission on a First Come First Served basis.) Attendance will vote for the COLCOA Audience Short Film Award while a professional jury will decide for the COLCOA Short Film Award.


For the third year, in May, a part of the COLCOA Short Film Program will be broadcasted on TV5 Monde Cinema On Demand, a SVOD service now available everywhere in the United States.


In 2016, COLCOA Short Film Award went to Mother(s) written and directed by Maïmouna Doucouré and COLCOA Audience Film Award went to It’s Caviar written and directed by Sarah Lelouch.




Sunday April 30 Truffaut Theatre 11:00 am (ends at 1:00 PM)



THE FISHERMAN AND THE BUSINESSMAN (Le Pêcheur et l’homme d’affaires)

Drama/2016/3’34 • DCP • 2.35 • Stereo

Written and directed by: Simon François

Produced by: Simon François


A businessman on vacation meets a fisherman on a harbor. Who will be the coach of who? (Presented with THE ODYSSEY on 4/26)



ANGER (Rageuses)

Drama/2016/14’41 • DCP • 2.39 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Kahina Hasnoun

Produced by: La Fémis



Sana and Khalissa live in a ghetto in a city suburb. Ever since Sana has failed at school, the sisters have no longer been able to communicate. (Presented with HEAVEN WILL WAIT on 4/29)




WHAT TEARS US APART (Ce qui nous éloigne)

Drama/2016/18’31 • DCP • 1.77 • Digital 5.1

Written and directed by: Wei Hu

Produced by: Ama Productions



After a long separation, an encounter. Two families. One child. (Presented with NOT HERE TO BE LOVED on 4/27) 



LEAD IN THE HEAD (Du plomb dans la tête)

Animation, Drama/2016/7’41’ • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Aurore Peuffier

Produced by: Filmo



A wolf is brought back to a village as a trophy. But he is not dead and the bullet lodged in its skull and has repercussions on its psyche. (Presented with A BAG OF MARBLES on 4/29)




Comedy/2016/11’52 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Sylvain Chomet

Produced by: Mon Voisin Productions



Four young actors anxiously wait for multi-awarded director Mirko Imada. A body lies on a bed in the middle of the set. Roll. Action! (Presented with A KID on 4/27)



AT HOME (Chez soi)

Drama, Comedy/2016/13’58 • DCP • 2.35 • Stereo

Written and directed by: François Raffenaud

Produced by: Keppler22


Jeanne 92, visits Edith her daughter, 73, with a mission: to convince her to leave the long term nursing house she is moving into. (Presented with WILLY I on 4/29)



LAW OF LAMB (La Laine sur le dos)

Drama, Comedy/2016/15’46 • DCP • 2.39 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Lotfi Achour

Produced by: la Luna Productions



In the Tunisian desert, an old battered van carrying a sheep is stopped by two policemen. (Presented with FAREWELL BONAPARTE on 4/25)




Comedy/2016/8’30 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Wilfried Méance

Produced by: Hilldale



Today is definitely not Remi’s day: it all started with an erectile problem and now his mother asks him to meet a shrink with her. (Presented with EVERYONE'S LIFE on 4/29)



BASED ON A TRUE STORY (D’Après une histoire vraie)

Comedy, Drama/2016/18’ • DCP • 2.35 • Dolby 5.1

Co-written and directed by: Cédric Prevost

Produced by: Arts Premiers



Alexander, a 35-year old yuppie, who has just been rejected by a girl he fancies, has his phone and wallet stolen by a street gang. (Presented with LADIES on 5/1) 




Sunday April 30 Truffaut Theatre 4:30 pm (ends at 6:45 PM)




Animation, Comedy /2016/6’50 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro

Produced by: MoPA



In a deserted luxurious villa, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts. (Presented with THE CONFESSION on 4/25)




Drama/2016/16’ • DCP • 1.77 • Dolby 5.1           

Written & directed by: Jérémie Guez 

Produced by: Full Dawa Films



The life of Ali, who has succeeded to fit in the French way of life, is disrupted when undocumented workers move in across from his home. (Presented with CORPORATE on 4/28)




Drama/2016/28’24 • DCP • 2.35 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Romane Gueret, Lise Akoka

Produced by: Les Films Velvet



Angélique, 13, lives with her many brothers and sisters in the North of France. Today, at school, she is offered to pass an audition for a film. (Also presented with A TASTE OF INK on 4/29)



LUNCH BREAK (En pause dej)

Comedy/2016/2’30 • DCP • 1.77 • Stereo

Written and directed by: Bastien Bernini

Produced by: Bastien Bernini


A 50-year old woman and a young man are sitting on the same bench. Now that the conversation has started what and who will stop it? (Presented with DALIDA on 4/28)




Comedy, Drama/2016/14’44 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Stéphane Castang

Produced by: Takami Productions



In 2050, medicine is replaced by a scanner that not only diagnoses, but treats patients depending on latters’ means and… financial situation. (Presented with STEP BY STEP on 5/1)



BLUE LIKE THE SEE (Bleu comme la mère)

Drama/2016/8’10 • DCP • 1.85 • Stereo

Written and directed by: Sarah-Laure Estragnat

Produced by: Boburst Productions



After learning the irreversible law of genetics at school, 8-year old Lola definitely needs an explanation from her parents. (Presented with TWO IS A FAMILY on 4/30)




BIRTH OF A LEADER (L’Enfance d’un chef)

Comedy/2016/15’15 • DCP • 1.66 • Digital 5.1

Written and directed by: Antoine de Bary

Produced by: Iconoclast Films



Vincent is a such a successful actor that he has been offered the lead role in a very anticipated film: the biopic about Charles de Gaulle's youth. (Presented with POLINA on 4/28)




RESISTANCE (Résistance)

Animation, Horror /2016/7’13 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby 5.1

Written and directed by: Anna Ledanois, Quentin Foulon, Juliette JeanClaude, Julie Narat, Fabien Glasse, Alex Chauvet.

Produced by: MoPA



A Kitchen can be the best place for human revenge in a word dominated by insects.(Presented with ARES on 4/28)



WILD HOPE (Le Fol espoir)

Documentary, Drama/2016/15’00 • DCP • 1.85 • Dolby

Written and directed by: Audrey Bauduin

Produced by: La Fémis



The reenactment of Tyke's life, a female elephant who became symbol. Her last moments of freedom and detention. (Presented with LATEST NEWS FROM THE COSMOS on 4/29)



ROSE & PEONY (La Rose et la pivoine)

Comedy/2017/10’43’ • DCP • 2.25 • Stereo           

Written & directed by: Sebastien Azzopardi 

Produced by: Azzo Prod, Vanessa Djian


In the 50’s, two secretaries have declared war on each other to be in their bosses' good books. But beware of pretty flowers, sometimes they have thorns... (Presented with MR & MRS ADELMAN on 4/29)



THE LAST DATE (Un dernier rendez-vous)

Comedy, Fantaisy/2016/2’30 • DCP • 2.35 • Stereo

Written and directed by: Thibaud Lomenech

Produced by: Thibaud Lomenech

What a joy to wake up in the morning and get ready for a date with Julia… (Presented with R.A.I.D. SPECIAL UNIT on 4/30)