Introducing a new competition at COLCOA: The Web Series program is made of six high profile productions, mixing documentaries, thriller, comedies, drama and even horror programs. Coming from a new generation of producers and filmmakers as well as from established producers and creators, this new popular format has nothing to envy to TV series and movies. Already convinced or still need to be? Follow your curiosity:  join us the last day of the festival on Tuesday May 2 and vote for the COLCOA Best Web Series Award.


The COLCOA Web Series Competition is a free program with no RSVP (first come, first served basis).




Tuesday May 2ndTruffaut Theatre 6:30 pm (ends at 8:45 PM)




Action, Comedy • France, 2016 

Blu-ray • Color • Season 1 • 10 x 7 min • Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 


Directed by: Samuel Bodin

Written by: Tristan Schullman

Produced by: Raphael Rocher (Empreinte Digital), Studio+

Cast: Alban Lenoir (Roger Braun), Zita Hanrot (Zoe), Sophie Charlotte (Virague), Renaud Rutten (Water)


Alexandre Braun’s plan was simple: to escape from jail, to retrieve the money from his last hold-up, and to disappear. With nearly 300 miles to travel and all the cops of the region on your heels, it’s best to find a good car. As he comes across a beautiful Mercury, the temptation is too strong, he steals it. 

What he doesn’t know, is that the car belongs to a drug gang and that it’s filled to the brim with cocaine…



FRENCH TOUCH / Touche Française

Documentary • France, 2016 

Blu-ray • Color • 12 x 10 min • Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 


Directed by: Jean-François Tatin

Written by: Guillaume Fédou, Jean-François Tatin 

Produced by: Priscilla Bertin, Elisa Larriere, Judith Nora (Silex Films), Arte France

Cast: Alex Gopher, Ariel Wizman, Etienne de Crecy, Laurent Garnier, Nicolas Godin (Air), Philippe Zdar (Motorbass)


From the pioneer Laurent Garnier to the hybrid influences of Motorbass, from the revolutionary Daft Punk, to the free spirits in pop music such as Air or Sebastien Tellier, «French Touch» revisits the movement through twelve iconic pieces of French electronic music that have entertained the world since 1995.




Fantasy • France, Belgium, 2016 

Blu-ray • Color • Season 1 • 10 x 10 min • Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 


Directed by: Patrick De Ranter et Jérôme Fansten

Written by: Jérôme Fansten

Produced by: Emmanuel Daucé (Tétra Media), Studio+

Cast: Caroline Proust (Margaux), Pascal Reneric (Vincent), Mathilde Goffart (Nadia), Steve Driesen (José)


What would happen if we were to get amnesia at the same time? All of us. Seven billion human beings. Amnesia is a realistic story, almost filmed as a documentary, that depicts the first two days of this fantastic event. We follow Margaux, Vincent and Nadia, three members of the same family that become strangers to themselves as they try to survive in a world that collapses following a collective amnesia.






Tuesday May 2 Truffaut Theatre 9:05 pm





Action, Drama • France, Monaco 2016 

Blu-ray • Color • Season 1 • 10 x 7 min • Episodes 1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5 


Directed by: Jean-Francois Julian

Written by: Hugues Martin, Pierre Frolla

Created by: Jean-Charles Felli & Pierre-Marie Mosconi

Produced by: SAVE FERRIS, Studio+

Cast: Caterina Murino (Sofia), Henry Davis (Tony), Pierre Frolla (Matt), Biron Gibson (Angelos), Ornella Muti


Sofia, a young athletic woman is a professional yacht skipper. When her twin brother Matt dies during the world free diving championships, the media claim his death was due to negligence and lack of preparation. Against her mother’s advice, Sofia decides to train to dive to avenge her brother’s honor. But at depths of 100 meters, pride is hardly a good teacher. Deep is a breathtaking plunge into the world of free diving where heroes embrace the underwater world far beyond their wildest limits.




Horror • Bolivie, USA, France,  2016 

Blu-ray • Color • 10 x 10 min • Episodes 1, 2 & 3 


Directed by: Franck Khalfoun

Written by: Franck Khalfoun, Jimmy Halfon

Produced by: Jimmy Halfon (MAD Production), Studio+

Cast: Joseph Baroux, Adolpho Ramirez, Franck Khalfoun


A young French reporter, Joseph Baroux, is off to Sucre, in Bolivia, to meet Adolfo Ramirez: a famous serial killer who just got out of prison. After exchanging letters for several months, Baroux managed to convince the repeat offender to follow him only after a tidy sum of money exchanges hands. Baroux wants to direct a documentary about Ramirez’ rehabilitation in Peruvian society after such a long sentence. The French journalist is fascinated by such violence and such a transformation after ten years in prison: what he sees is a learned and calm person, and he believes in redemption.




Horror • France,  2016 

Blu-ray • Color • 10 x 10 min • Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 


Directed by: Nicolas Duval

Written by: Samy Baaroun,  Josselyn Bossennec, Mark Princi

Based on an original idea by: Damien Maric,  Caroline du Potet

Produced by: Georges Campana & Damien Maric (Overlook Films), Studio+

Cast: Romane Portail (Alix), Tom Hudson (Ulysses), Zohar Wexler (Frank), Peter Hudson (The Mayor)


A specimen of a previously unknown breed of Great Ape arrives from Africa to become the main attraction at a European zoo. However, only hours after the zoo is opened to the public, all of humanity is threatened with extinction by massive murderous attacks carried out by all members of the animal kingdom. It’s up to two young geeks, Victor and Ulysses, with the eminent animal behaviorist Alix Altiverdi, to face the menace, comprehend what’s behind it, and find a way to eradicate it before mankind is wiped out.