TRANSFER / Transferts

North American Premiere • TV Series • Fantasy, thriller • France, 2017

Blu-ray • Color • Season 1 •6 x 52 min • Episodes 1&2

Directors & Showrunners: Olivier Guignard, Antoine Charreyron

Created and Written by:  Claude Scasso and Patrick Benedek 

Produced by: Filmagine, Panama Productions, Arte France

Cast: Arieh Worthalter, Brune Renault, Patrick Raynal, Sébastien Chassagne, Pili Groyne, Steve Tientcheu, Thierry Frémont

International Sales: Lagardère Studios Distribution

Original Broadcast: Arte, 2017


After exploring a jobless dystopian future in Trepalium, Arte once again dips its toes into sci-fi, this time with a thriller twist. This 6-part miniseries shot in Belgium explores the crisis of identity and religion that ensues when a mysterious substance is discovered that enables a person’s mind to be transferred to another body. While religious leaders proclaim that this proves the existence of the soul, the process has been officially banned after certain cases of rejection led to violent psychosis. A special task force has been charged with rounding up the remaining transfers. Florian Bassot has been in a coma for 5 years, but when a brain-dead candidate becomes available, his mind is transferred. That candidate is Sylvain, the captain of the task force. Now Florian is caught between his former life, which he must keep secret, and his new life hunting down transfers like himself.