International Premiere • TV Movie • Drama • France, 2016

Blu-ray • Color • 16:9 • Stereo • 89 min

Directed by: Léa Fazer

Written by: Léa Fazer, Mathilde Henzelin

Produced by: Alain Degove (Murmures Production), France 2

Cast: Barbara Schulz (Nadia), Thomas Doret  (Noé),  Arié Elmaleh (Diego)

Sabila Moussadek (Carine)

International Sales: Film & Picture

Original Broadcast: France 2


Known for comedy features like Maestro (2014), director Léa Fazer turns to television to take a more serious look at the growing problem of personal indebtedness. When hard-working single mom Nadia receives the news that her gifted teenage son, Noé, has been accepted to a prestigious Paris school, she is overjoyed. But the blessing starts to weigh on her when Noé comes home shamed by his new wealthier, privileged schoolmates. Nadia decides to make a few charges to her credit card:  new shoes, designer clothes, the latest phone. But even after Noé has more than enough to fit in, she continues her buying spree. Unable to stop, Nadia is soon trapped in a vicious spiral of credit that has her borrowing money to pay off her debts. Barbara Schulz won the Best Female Performance Award at the La Rochelle TV Festival for her sympathetic portrayal of a compulsive shopaholic.