North American Premiere • TV Series • Thriller/Drama • France, 2017

Blu-ray • Color • 6 x 52 min • Episodes 1&2 

Directed by: Laurent Herbiet 

Created by: Gérard Carré, Pascal Chaumeil and Caroline Van Ruymbeke

Written by: Pascal Chaumeil 

Based on the Novel by: Bernard Minier 

Produced by: Isabelle Degeorges & Damien Couvreur (Gaumont Télévision), M6-Métrople Télévision

Cast: Charles Bering (Capitaine Servaz), Julia Piaton (Capitaine Ziegler), Nina Meurisse (Diane Berg), Pascal Greggory (Julian Hirtmann)

International Sales: Gaumont

Original Broadcast: M6 (January 2017)


This 6-part mini-series, set in a foggy Pyrenees winter, stars Charles Berling as Martin Servaz, a homicide cop called to a remote alpine hydroelectric plant to investigate an unusual case. A horse has been decapitated and hung for display. The evidence points to Julien Hirtmann (Pascal Gregory), a notorious and manipulative serial killer now confined in a nearby psychiatric asylum. Is the splayed carcass a gruesome message addressed to Servaz, the man who caught him? Servaz will get his answer in the form of another mad killing, this one perpetrated against a human. Based on the eponymous best-seller by Bernard Minier, this chilling thriller directed by Alain Resnais’ Wild Grass writer Laurent Herbiet, won Best Television Series at the La Rochelle Festival of Fiction TV. Writer Pascal Chaumeil, whose film Heartbreaker was the 2010 COLCOA opener, passed away last year.