U.S. Premiere • Comedy • France, 2017

DCP • 2.35 • Dolby 5.1 • Color • 105 min

Directed by: Dany Boon

Written by: Dany Boon, Sarah Kaminski

Cinematography: Denis Rouden

Film Editing: Elodie Codaccioni

Original Score: Michael Tordjman, Maxime Desprez

Produced by: Jérôme Seydoux (Pathé Production), Les Productions du Ch’timi, TF1 Films Production.

Cast: Alice Pol (Johanna Pasquali), Dany Boon (Eugène Froissard), Michel Blanc (Jacques Pasquali), Yvan Attal  (Viktor), Sabine Azéma (Marie-Caroline Dubarry), Patrick Mille (Edouard Dubarry)

International Sales: Pathé Distribution


The irrepressible Dany Boon dodges friendly fire in this comedic assault on the world of elite forces. Johanna loves her job as a cop, but the job doesn’t love her back. She is such a bungler that amongst her fellow officers she is considered a greater public menace than the criminals they arrest. Which is why everyone is so surprised when, after two previous failed attempts, she becomes the first woman to pass the entrance exam to join the R.A.I.D. elite intervention group. What Johanna doesn’t know is that her father has pulled some strings in the hopes that she will fail and take up a more suitable profession. What she will soon learn is that the agent she’s been paired with is Eugène Froissard (Boon), the most misogynistic taskmaster in R.A.I.D. Johanna would like nothing better than to prove herself by stopping a gang staging hold-ups around the city.  But Eugène would like nothing better than to stop Johanna. Yvan Attal memorably goes for broke as Viktor, an outrageous Balkan terrorist.


With his fifth feature once again taking no prisoners at the box office in France, actor/writer/director Dany Boon seems to have hit full stride. As a performer, Boon once again serves up his house blend of silliness and surliness, but this time he takes a back seat to his Supercondriac (North American Premiere - COLCOA 2014) co-star Alice Pol. Boon broke through with his second feature Welcome to the Sticks (North American Premiere - COLCOA 2008). The film set new standards for crushing it at the box-office and established Boon as one of the brightest comic talents of his generation. Boon consolidated with his follow-up Nothing To Declare (North American Premiere - COLCOA 2011), in which he starred opposite Benoît Poelvoorde as border patrol guards waging a private turf war at the Franco-Belgian border. Boon penned the script for this latest film with co-writer Sarah Kaminsky, who also co-wrote Edouard Deluc’s upcoming Vincent Cassel-starrer Gaugin, currently in post-production.