Saturday September 28 – 4:45 pm – Renoir Theatre
(+ Short Film Presentation: FIRE ME IF YOU CAN)
(Screening ends at 6:50 pm)
Followed by a Conversation with Writer-Director Alexis Michalik

U.S. Premiere | France, Belgium | 2019 | Comedy, Drama | 113 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Alexis Michalik
Written by: Alexis Michalik (Based on his own play)
Cinematography: Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci
Film Editing: Valérie Deseine
Original Score: Romain Trouillet
Produced by: Ilan Goldman (Légende), Sylvain Goldberg, Serge de Poucques (Nexus Factory), Nadia Khamlichi (Umedia), Sidonie Dumas (Gaumont), Vanessa Djian (Daï Daï Films), France 2 Cinéma
Cast: Thomas Solivérès (Édmond Rostand), Olivier Gourmet (Constant Coquelin), Mathilde Seignier (Maria), Tom Leeb (Léo), Lucie Boujenah (Jeanne), Alice de Lencquesaing (Rosemonde), Clémentine Célarier (Sarah Bernardt)
International Sales: Gaumont
U.S. Distributor: Roadside Attraction
U.S. Release date: Fall 2019

Imagine you’re an enthusiastic 20-something playwright in turn-of-the-century Paris, but the only play you’ve ever written was a major dud. Then imagine that, thanks to your old pal Sarah Bernhardt, the most illustrious actor of the day suddenly commissions you to write his next opus. The only problem is you’re totally out of story ideas… and rehearsals begin tomorrow! That playwright’s name is Edmond Rostand and his “new” work-in-progress is entitled Cyrano de Bergerac. Alexis Michalik’s spirited film, based on his hit play, is a pure delight from beginning to end — a delicious romp, brimming with as much comic farce as sly intrigue. It mixes historical fact with a heavy dose of fiction. At its heart, it’s a love letter to the theater and the creative process, painting a gleeful behind-the-scenes portrait of the mind-boggling game-of-chance juggling act every artist confronts as he or she sits facing that terrifyingly blank page. But, this time, Edmond produces a masterpiece. In rhyming couplets and Alexandrine verse, to boot! Olivier Gourmet is brilliant as the over-the-top, scenery-chewing thespian who has the honor of bringing Cyrano to life for the very first time.

Writer/director/actor Alexis Michalik’s roots are firmly planted in the theater. He’s adapted Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet into an original drama, R&J; written and directed numerous plays; and has appeared in countless theatrical productions and more than fifty films and TV series, including Antonin Baudry’s The Wolf’s Call, Andrea Bescond’s and Eric Métayer’s Little Tickles (COLCOA 2019), and the popular Canal+ series Kaboul Kitchen. His 2016 play Edmond, from which this film is adapted, was a smash hit in Paris, was and nominated for seven prestigious Molière Awards. He has written and directed three short films, including Grounded, the first short to win both the Jury Award and the Audience Award at COLCOA, in 2015. His first feature, Cyrano My Love, is presented as an official U.S. premiere at COLCOA, prior to its national release by Roadside Attractions.



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