(By Quirky, Ultra-Cool French Writer/Director…oops!!! Mum’s the Word)

Sunday, September 29 – Truffaut Theatre – 8:30 pm
(+ Short Film Presentation: WILD LOVE)

Special Presentation | France | 2019 | Comedy, Drama | 77 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Mr. X
Written by: Mr. X
Cinematography: Mr. X
Film Editing: Mr. X
Produced by: Mr T & Mr M
Cast: Mr.Y & Mrs.Z
U.S. Distributor:
U.S. Release: Soon

And the cherry on the cake is… a little extra bonus for our precious COLCOA audiences. But no peeking behind the curtain! To avoid overflow crowds and out-of-control fanfare, we’ve decided to keep this special presentation under wraps. But we guarantee the brave souls who blindly attend this year’s zany final opus an unexpected joyride into sheer ridiculousness. However, we can say that the mystery movie features an inspired, unhinged performance by an A-list actor, a brilliantly deadpan rising-star leading lady, and was written and directed by an uber-talented, iconoclastic filmmaker of loopy, surrealist, very black comedies. On top of all that, this eagerly-awaited, soon-to-be-released feature opened to enthusiastic reviews at a super swanky film festival. So be part of the buzz and join us for an unpretentious descent into unbridled lunacy and pure (if sometimes vicious) fun!

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