Melville Theatre | Sep 24 – 1:15 pm |  Sep 25 – 3:15 pm
Sep 26 – 5:30 pm |  Sept 27 – 8:15 pm  | Sept 28 – 10:20 pm
All 5 screenings followed by a Conversation with Writer-Director Baya Kasmi and Actor Grégory Montel

International Premiere | TV Series | France | 2019 | Comedy | 6 x 52 min|  Episodes 1 & 2 |In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Baya Kasmi
Creators & Showrunners: Baya Kasmi, Michel Leclerc
Written by: Baya Kasmi, Michel Leclerc, Sarah Kaminsky, Frédéric Dantec
Produced by: Gaëlle Cholet, Pauline Eon and Guillaume Renouil (Elephant Story)
Cast: Nailia Harzoune, Grégory Montel, Julia Piaton, Lyès Salem
Cinematography: Benjamin Louet
Film Editing: Joël Bochter, Quentin Boulay
Original Score: Jérôme Benssoussan, David Gubitsch
Cast: Grégory Montel (Nicolas), Nailia Harzoune (Samia), Julia Piaton (Marie), Lyès Salem (Mohamed)
International Sales: SND Groupe M6
Original Broadcasting (TV): M6, June 2016

Welcome to the recomposed Rousseau-Bensaid family! Dad’s a midwife; mom’s a lawyer. He has a clingy ex-wife and two daughters. She has an ex-husband who keeps dropping by, a bumbling brother, and a little son. They both have meddling, bickering parents. And they’ve just given birth to a brand-new baby boy… who happens to be the narrator of the story. It’s all a joyous mess, as the new parents juggle demanding careers, alternate custody, pumping breast milk, getting the kids to school on time and desperately trying to spend a little quality time together. Basically, life in the increasingly complicated modern world! Nailia Harzoune (Made in France – COLCOA 2015; Step by Step – COLCOA 2017) and Grégory Montel (Call my Agent! – COLCOA 2016 & 2017) play the beleaguered, ever-charming, duly dutiful parents in this ebullient family comedy that asks the all-important question, “When push comes to shove, what really matters in life?”

 Writer/director/showrunner Baya Kasmi created Family Shake with her real-life partner and longtime collaborator Michel Leclerc. In 2008, they were jointly honored with the prestigious Sopadin Grand Prize for Best Screenwriter, for their script The Names of Love (COLCOA 2011), which Leclerc subsequently directed, and which eventually earned them the 2011 César Award for Best Original Screenplay. The following year, Kasmi received a César Award nomination for Best Short Film, for I Could’ve Been a Hooker, which she wrote and directed. Leclerc was showrunner on season 7 of the very popular family comedy series, Desperate Parents, which was nominated for an International Emmy in 2015. The couple has co-written several feature scripts, including I’m All YoursThe Very Private Life of Mister Sim and, most recently, Battle of the Classes, all of which were directed by Leclerc.


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