COLCOA Short Films Awards 2017


The COLCOA Short Film Competition  will take place on Sunday April 30. Click here for complete program and schedule. 

In addition to the Short Film Award and Short Film Special Prize given by a jury of professionals, the audience had the opportunity to vote for the Short Film Audience Award and the Short Film Audience Special Prize. 

Awards will be announced on  Wednesday May 3rd.




Andrew Crane

Andrew P. Crane is the Short Film/Special Project Programmer and Membership Manager for the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles.  A Southern California native, Andrew is also a musician who sang and wrote the music for 4 CD’s with the band Drowning Pool in addition to a solo project entitled Acorn, an occasional writer on films and film festivals & who holds a BA in Film & Television.  Mr. Crane also ran the music and literary series for 6 years for the acclaimed Pikme-up cafe in Los Angeles. 


Ellen Harrington

Ellen Harrington is a curator, film programmer, educator and producer. Now the Museum Collections Curator for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, she has organized over eighty exhibitions and produced hundreds of public film events globally, and was the founding director of the Academy's International Outreach program. Harrington previously worked for Dustin Hoffman’s Punch Productions, CAA and New York’s Public Theater.  She graduated from Dartmouth College, and holds an M.A. from New York University in Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies.



Robert Weide

Robert Weide’s documentaries have covered the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, Lenny Bruce, and Woody Allen. His Kurt Vonnegut documentary will be completed in 2017. Narrative features include Mother Night (1996 -Writer/Producer), How to Lose Friends & Alianate People (2008 - Director), and The Giver (2014 - Co-writer). He was the Executive Producer and principal Director of Curb Your Enthousiasm, and created/wrote/directed the British comedy series Mr. Sloane. He’s received an Oscar nomination, three Emmy awards, a Golden Globe, and a DGA award.  Mr. Weide has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 2000.  


Mia Certic

WGA member. 



2016 AWARDS:

- COLCOA Jury Short Film Award: MOTHER(S) (Maman(s))

- COLCOA Jury Short Film Special Prize: MILLIONS OF TEARS (Des Millions de       larmes)

- COLCOA Jury Short Film Special Mention: COLD COFFEE (Café Froid)

- COLCOA Audience Short Film Award: IT’S CAVIAR (C’est du caviar)

- COLCOA Audience Short Film Special Prize: MILLIONS OF TEARS & ENEMIES WITHIN (Des Millions de larmes & Ennemis intérieurs)

- COLCOA Audience Short Film Special Mention: OUR FALLEN HEROES (A ses enfants, la Patrie reconnaissante)