Eric Altmayer – Producer
George Aguilar – Actor
Josiane Balasko – Actress/Writer/Director
Bérénice Béjo – Actress
Dominique Besnehard – Producer
Rémi Bezançon – Writer/Director
Zabou Breitman – Actress/Writer/Director
éric Capitaine – Writer/Director
Guillaume Cotillard – Writer/Director
Costa-Gavras – Writer/Director
Charlotte Erlih – Writer/Director

Philippe Haïm – Writer/Director
Michel Hazanavicius – Writer/Director
Mathieu Kassovitz – Actor/Writer/Director/Producer
Carole Lambert – Producer
Vincent Leclercq – Producer
Olivier Nakache – Writer/Director
éric Raynaud – Writer/Director
Jean-François Richet – Writer/Director
Carine Ruszniewski – Producer
Eric Tolédano – Writer/Director
Serge Toubiana – Director of the Cinémathèque Française
Pascal Vaguelsy – Producer


A Day at the Museum (Musée haut, musée bas) 
Written and Directed by: Jean-Michel Ribes
West Coast Premiere

A French Gigolo (Cliente) 
Written and Directed by: Josiane Balasko
Based on a novel by: Josiane Balasko
Los Angeles Premiere

Baby Love (Comme les autres) 
Written and Directed by: Vincent Garenq
Los Angeles Premiere

Beautiful Memories (Se souvenir des belles choses) 
Directed by: Zabou Breitman
Written by: Zabou Breitman, Jean-Claude Deret

Childhoods (Enfances) 
Directed by: Yann Le Gal, Isild Le Besco, Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige, Ismaël Ferroukhi, Corinne Garfin, Safy Nebbou
Written by: Yann Le Gal
West Coast Premiere

Eden Is West (Eden à l’ouest) 
Directed by: Costa-Gavras
Written by: Costa-Gavras, Jean-Claude Grumberg
West Coast Premiere

Final Arrangements (Bouquet Final) 
Directed by: Michel Delgado
Written by: Michel Delgado, Christophe Riandee
U.S. Premiere

God’s Offices (Les Bureaux de Dieu) 
Directed by: Claire Simon
Written by: Claire Simon, Natalia Rodriguez, Nadège Trebal
West Coast Premiere

Grown-Ups (Les Grandes personnes) 
Directed by: Anna Novion
Written by: Anna Novion, Béatrice Colombier, Mathieu Robin
Los Angeles Premiere

Hello Goodbye
Directed by: Graham Guit
Written by: Graham Guit, Michael Lellouche
Based on a novel by: Moshe Gaash
West Coast Premiere

Written and Directed by: Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern
West Coast Premiere

Mesrine: A Film in Two Parts 
(Mesrine : L’instinct de mort and Mesrine : L’ennemi public nº1)
Directed by: Jean-François Richet
Written by : Abdel Raouf Dafri
Los Angeles Premiere

Me Two (La Personne aux deux personnes) 
Written and Directed by: Bruno Lavaine, Nicolas Charlet
North American Premiere

Modern Life (La Vie moderne)
Directed by: Raymond Depardon
Los Angeles Premiere

OSS 117, Lost in Rio (OSS 117, Rio ne répond plus)
Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius
Written by: Michel Hazanavicius, Jean-François Halin
Based on the original work by: Jean Bruce
International Premiere

Queen to Play (Joueuse)
Written and Directed by Caroline Bottaro
Presented the same day as its World Premiere in New York

Secrets of State (Secret Défense) 
Directed by Philippe Haïm
Written by: Philippe Haïm, Julien Sibony
North American Premiere

Directed by: Martin Provost
Written by Martin Provost and Marc Abdelnour
Los Angeles Premiere

So Close (Tellement proches) 
Written and Directed by: Eric Tolédano and Olivier Nakache
World Premiere

Someone I Loved (Je l’aimais)
Directed by: Zabou Breitman
Written by: Zabou Breitman, Agnès de Sacy
Based on the novel by: Anna Gavalda
International Premiere

Spy(ies) (Espion[s])
Written and Directed by: Nicolas Saada
North American Premiere

Tchao Pantin 
Directed by: Claude Berri
Written by: Claude Berri, Alain Page
Based on the novel by: Alain Page

The Beautiful Person (La Belle Personne)
Directed by: Christophe Honoré
Written by: Christophe Honoré, Gilles Taurand
Los Angeles Premiere

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (Le Premier jour du reste de ta vie) 
Written and Directed by: Rémi Bezançon
U.S. Premiere

The Girl from Monaco (La Fille de Monaco) 
Directed by: Anne Fontaine
Written by: Anne Fontaine, Benoît Graffin
Los Angeles Premiere

The Girl on the Train (La Fille du RER)
Directed by: André Téchiné
Written by: André Téchiné, Odile Barski, Jean-Marie Besset
Based on the original work by: Jean-Marie Besset
West Coast Premiere

The Sleeping Car Murders (Compartiment Tueurs) 
Written and Directed by: Costa-Gavras
Based on a novel by: Sébastien Japrisot

Directed by: Philippe Lioret
Written by: Philippe Lioret, Emmanuel Courcol, Olivier Adam
North American Premiere

With a Little Help from Myself (Aide-toi et le Ciel t’aidera) 
Written and Directed by: François Dupeyron
West Coast Premiere

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