EXTENDED SUNDAY (New in 2018!)

See Big on Sunday at COLCOA!

In addition to our regular program, which includes the popular COLCOA Shorts Competition and our V.R. Corner, our anniversary cake party in the lobby is back in 2018 at 3:20 pm for a family celebration of the festival, between several cinema premieres (Jealous, Alain Ducasse, Christmas & Co., School of Life)

For the first time, COLCOA’s program continues on Sunday evening with the COLCOA Television and Digital Series Competitions in Melville Theater and two cinema premieres in Truffaut and Renoir Theaters!

If you plan to attend the COLCOA Short Competition in the morning and the afternoon, be ready to stay at the festival and attend one of our new Four evening screenings in our three theaters.

If you plan to attend the screening of School of Life in the afternoon, you can also enjoy the North American Premiere of Naked Normandy also starring in the lead role acclaimed actor François Cluzet. (Note that Naked Normandy is not recommended for a young audience).

Pick up your Sunday evening program at COLCOA:

7:30 pm – Truffaut Theater

CHATEAU (La Vie de Château)

West Coast Premiere | Comedy | France , 2017 | COLCOA Cinema

Followed by a discussion with writers/directors Modi Barry, Cédric Ido

“My name’s Charles, like the Prince!” That’s his motto. Dapper, charming Charles runs a crew of hustlers who hang out around the Château d’Eau metro station in Paris’ ethnic 10th arrondissement, rustling up business for the countless Afro beauty shops in the ‘hood. Good-hearted Charles, however, has much bigger dreams — like getting out of the micro-mafia, buying his Kurdish friend’s failing barber shop and upholding the noble, manly tradition of a shave and a haircut. But doing a favor for a jealous rival sends our hero down a slippery slope, endangering both his reputation and his slick wardrobe.

Jacky Ido (co-director Cédric Ido’s brother, from the ABC series The Catch), as the charismatic “Prince” Charles, leads a largely unknown ensemble cast in this small gem of a film, which offers up engaging characters, a humanizing peek into the onerous immigrant experience, and a snappy slice of life in one of Paris’ more colorful and rarely depicted neighborhoods — le Château.

Friday April 27 – 5:15pm – Truffaut Theater

7:40 pm – Renoir Theater

NAKED NORMANDY (Normandie Nue)

North American Premiere | Comedy | France , 2018 | COLCOA Cinema

Followed by a discussion with writer/director Philippe Le Guay

Intouchables star François Cluzet plays Georges Balbuzard, dairy farmer and mayor of a sleepy village in Normandy, in this heartfelt, engaging, socially-committed comedy. Times are tough in Georges’ small agricultural community and the farmers are up in arms. They work seven days a week but plummeting meat prices are forcing them out of business. They stage protests to publicize their plight but nothing seems to work.

No one will listen. Then a famous American photographer drives through town one day and expresses his desire to photograph the entire village, standing in a field, buck naked. That photo could very well capture the world’s attention and advance their cause! But first, Georges has to convince the villagers to get naked!

7:45 pm – Melville Theater

BEYOND SUSPICION (Insoupçonnable) 

North American Premiere | TV Series – Season 1 | Thriller| France , 2018 | Episodes 1&2 | COLCOA Television (Free)

Veteran TV scribe Virginie Brac (Spiral, Cannabis) has come up with a French adaptation of the hit Belfast-based BBC series The Fall, created by Allan Cubitt, this time starring Emmanuel Seigner (The Venus in Fur, COLCOA 2014) and Melvin Poupaud (The Lady in the Portrait, COLCOA 2018). An unexpectedly chilling thriller for popular broadcaster TF1, the 10-part series follows gifted Parisian criminologist Chloé Fisher, who is sent to Lyon to investigate the murder of a powerful politician’s daughter-in-law. The perp in question is Paul Brodsky, a loving family man, perfect in every way and beyond reproach — shrink by day, abominable serial killer by night. And he’s just spotted his next victim…

One of the most highly anticipated shows of 2018 in France, directed by Fred Garson (Spin) and Christophe Lamotte (Disappeared in Winter), the series is sure to send many a chill up the proverbial spine.

9:45 pm – Melville Theater


North American Premiere | France , 2018 | COLCOA Digital Series (Free)

RED CREEK (Thriller)

In a small, economically-devastated town in northern Canada, a teenage girl vanishes without a trace. Did she just run away or is her disappearance suspicious? Inspector Marlene Bernard, from Montreal, is sent to investigate. As more and more disturbing facts are revealed, Marlene must deal with local authorities and confront the eerie strangeness that reigns over the town. The plot thickens when the investigation leads her straight to a marginal religious group…


John lands in Cuba, where he’s supposed to see his mother for the first time in 30 years. But in place of his live mother, he discovers her dead body… and she’s literally lost her head! He’s determined to find the missing head, but soon realizes that the rest of his family is not at all helpful in that quest. He also discovers that his so-called family is even stranger than he imagined.

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