MEMORIES / Les Souvenirs

West Coast Premiere • Comedy, Drama • France, 2015

DCP • 2.35 • Dolby 5.1 • Color • 96 min

Directed by: Jean-Paul Rouve
Written by: Jean-Paul Rouve, David Foenkinos
Based on the novel by: David Foenkinos
Cinematography: Christophe Offenstein
Film Editing: Christel Dewynter
Original Score: Alexis Rault
Produced by: Maxime Delauney and Romain Rousseau (Nolita Cinema)
Cast: Michel Blanc (Michel), Annie Cordy (the grandmother), Mathieu Spinosi (Romain), Chantal Lauby (Nathalie), Jean-Paul Rouve (Philippe)
International Sales: TF1 International

Romance, memories, and the seasons of life are fused by acerbic humor in this genial family drama centering on Romain, a 23 year-old would-be writer trying to find his way in the world. Between his father Michel’s recent retirement and subsequent mid-life crisis, and his grandmother Madeleine’s recent widowhood and subsequent escape from a nursing home, Romain has his hands full. Despite a 60-year age difference, he and Madeleine have shared a close relationship based on a mutual appreciation for the funny side of life, so Romaine is not surprised when he is the one she chooses to contact after running away from the nursing home. What does surprise him, is what he finds when he gets to the seaside town in Normandy where Madeleine hopes to find new meaning after her husband’s death. Mathieu Spinosi turns in a charming debut as Romaine, while veteran Annie Cordy, the French superstar variety singer and actress, interprets Madeleine.

This is the third feature of writer/director Jean-Paul Rouve, who first made a name for himself as a comic actor in the Canal Plus TV series Les Robins des Bois. His transition to film was awarded with a 2002 Most Promising Actor César for his performance in Monsieur Batignole. In 2008, Rouve moved behind the camera for his first feature, The Easy Way, a film in which he played the notorious bank thief Albert Spaggiari. In 2012, Rouve returned to the director’s chair for Quand je serai petit, sharing the star billing with Benoît Poelvoorde. Rouve adapted Memoriesin collaboration with popular French novelist David Foenkinos, from Foenkinos’ original novel. He continues his work as an actor, most recently announcing plans to play the lead role in a biopic of French playwright Antonin Artaud.


“This coming-of-all-ages story is carried by strong performances and a few welcome stabs at humor.”

“These two unusual characters have made a bittersweet film that alternates between hilarity and deeply moving moments, mostly thanks to very good casting.”
– Geoffrey Crété CINEMAN



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