Welcome to COLCOA 2018!

Reservations are open online until the night before each screening.

If you have been invited to the Opening Night, please follow the specific instructions mentioned on your invitation.

If you are a DGA or a WGA member, or if you have received an invitation to the rest of the festival, please read the following information, which includes important security notice, before clicking on RSVP

Invitations are for one guest + 1 per screening.

After clicking on “R.S.V.P.” above, you will be redirected to our website’s partner. You don’t have to log in to make your reservations. Just click on the screening(s) you want to attend.

You can RSVP for as many screenings as you want for one or + 1. Just be careful not to RSVP for two overlapping screenings. Please limit your reservations to screenings you are sure to attend.

Invitation are non-transferable. Please bring your ID with you. Only guests will be on our lists. Only tickets for the day can be picked up. If you have made reservations for different days, you will need to pick up your tickets every day at the festival.

During the festival, you may get additional tickets at the festival, even for sold out films on line as some tickets may become available 20 minutes before each screening. Take your chance: To pick up your tickets bring your ID and a copy of your invitation with you. If you are a DGA or a WGA member, just bring your member ID.



April 24~27: 11 am-10 pm / Saturday April 28: 10 am-10 pm / Sunday April 30: 10 am – 10 pm / Monday April 30th: 2 pm-10pm

Please note that free screenings and panels don’t require RSVP. Admission in on a First Come First served basis: COLCOA Web Series, COLCOA VR Corner, COLCOA Television (except for screening in Truffaut theatre), Blind dates with a French film, COLCOA Classics series, COLCOA Reruns, COLCOA Short Films competition and Happy Hour Talk panels series. Click here for details.



When attending COLCOA, you agree with the following rules:

  • All COLCOA Festival attendees will be subject to physical security searches of their person, their belongings and their vehicles by event security personnel when on the DGA premises.
  • All festival attendees will be required to present current photo-identification upon request.
  • Backpacks, briefcases and any large bags or purses will not be permitted on the DGA premises.
  • No weapons of any kind, including but not limited to; knives, tools, metal objects or containers will be permitted on DGA premises.
  • Vans and trucks will not be granted access to DGA parking structures.

The COLCOA Festival and DGA reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individual for any reason at any time.

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