NAKED NORMANDY (Normandie Nue)

Sunday, April 29 – 7:40 pm – Renoir Theatre

North American Premiere | France | 2018 | Comedy | 105 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Philippe Le Guay
Written by: Philippe Le Guay, Olivier Dazat, Victoria Bedos
Cinematography: Jean-Claude Larrieu
Film Editing: Monica Coleman
Original Score: Bruno Coulais
Produced by: Anne-Dominique Toussaint (Les Films des Tournelles), SND, France 2 Cinéma, Acajou Productions
Cast: François Cluzet (Georges Balbuzard), Toby Jones (Newman), François-Xavier Demaison (Thierry Levasseur), Arthur Dupont (Vincent Jousselin)
International Sales: SND Groupe M6

Intouchables star François Cluzet plays Georges Balbuzard, dairy farmer and mayor of a sleepy village in Normandy, in this heartfelt, engaging, socially-committed comedy. Times are tough in Georges’ small agricultural community and the farmers are up in arms. They work seven days a week but plummeting meat prices are forcing them out of business. They stage protests to publicize their plight but nothing seems to work. No one will listen. Then a famous American photographer drives through town one day and expresses his desire to photograph the entire village, standing in a field, buck naked. That photo could very well capture the world’s attention and advance their cause! But first, Georges has to convince the villagers to get naked!
Philippe Le Guay | Writer/director Philippe Le Guay studied film at the prestigious IDHEC, began his career as a screenwriter, then quickly ventured into directing. His first short film, Le Clou (1984), received the Audience Award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. A keen observer of his time, he has written and directed numerous TV movies and comedy features, including The Cost of Living (COLCOA 2004); the run-away hit, The Women on the Sixth Floor (Audience Award winner, COLCOA 2011); and Bicycling with Molière (COLCOA 2013), which was nominated for a César Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Screening followed by a Q/a with writer/director Philippe Leguay

In Association with: SND Groupe M6


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