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North American Premiere | TV Movie | France | 2017 | Drama, Comedy | 90 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Christophe Campos
Written by: Nathalie Hugon, Vincent Robert
Produced by: Catherine Ruault Castera, Nicolas Copperman (Caminando Productions), Endemol Shine Fiction
Cast: Bruno Salomone (Jérôme), Hélène De Fougerolles (Fanny), Jonathan Lambert (M. Rejex), Marie Dal Zotto (Laura), Maïra Schmitt (Chloé), Gaspard Meier-Chaurand (Ludovic)
International Sales: TF1 Studio
Original Broadcasting: TF1, November 2017

At 20, Laura is determined to get her high school diploma, just like everyone else. Except Laura is a little different. She has Down syndrome. So does 14-year theater veteran, Marie Dal Zotto, the amazing young actress who plays her. Embracing that major challenge, Laura confronts the doubts of family members, the resistance of school administrators and the occasional cruelty of her peers. Overcoming obstacle after obstacle, veering from emotional strain to laughter, Laura puts up a fight every inch of the way in this extremely inventive comedy-drama about overcoming odds — and a handicap — from writer/director Christophe Campos (Clem, La Stagaire). Special Honors was screened in competition at the La Rochelle Television Festival, where it nabbed the Best Screenplay Award and the ebullient Marie Dal Zotto was deservedly honored with the Most Promising Actress Award.

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