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North American Premiere | TV Movie | 2017 | Biopic, Drama | 90 min | In French with English subtitles

Directed by: Magaly Richard-Serrano
Written by: Magaly Richard-Serrano, Flavie Flament,
Based on the novel by: Flavie Flament
Produced by: Nicole Collet (Image & Cie)
Cast: Lou Gable (Young Flavie Flament), Émilie Dequenne (Flavie Flament), Léa Drucker (Flavie Flament’s mother), Philip Schurer (David Hamilton)
International Sales: Lagardère Studios Distribution
Original Broadcasting: France 3, November 2017

Based on French TV host Flavie Flament’s autobiographical novel of the same name, The Consolation couldn’t be more timely. Honored with the Best TV Movie Award at the La Rochelle TV Fest, the film recounts the story of Flavie (Émelie Dequenne), a successful TV host suddenly stricken with dizzy spells. In an attempt to avoid fainting on-air, she decides to see a psychiatrist, who suggests she bring a photo album of childhood pictures to their session. When a particular Polaroid of Flavie at 13, taken by celebrated British photographer David Hamilton, tumbles out of the album, horrific obliterated memories suddenly flood her consciousness. “He raped me,” the stunned woman mutters. Léa Drucker (Custody, COLCOA 2018) is brilliant as Flavie’s perverse, manipulative mother in this moving, terrifying film from co-writer/director Magaly Richard-Serrano (On the Ropes, 2007). As a footnote, despite his denials, one week after Flament publicly identified Hamilton as the character in her novel, the photographer — famous for his soft-focus photos of nude young girls — famously committed suicide.

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